We help companies grow by developing cutting edge web and mobile applications tailored to your business needs. APIS is a full-service web, tablet and mobile application development company, with a wide-ranging set of technology capabilities to deliver your business needs. Led by a team of certified design and coding experts who have many years of experience behind, will help you reach goals through agile software development.

Mobile App Development

Mobile Applications

Our dedicated mobile app developers love creating apps and it's their passion. As a result, iOS and Android App development has been our forte. We help you build apps for your business, consumers and enterprise at a fixed price or can augment your current team for finite period. Clients have obtained exceptional results while working with our dedicated programmers.

We Think Mobile First

We ship rich experiences to the small screens, which translates into the success of your business, ease of operations and engagement of the consumers with our exceptionally deep understanding of user experience and mobile technology. We work with multiple ecosystems in order to create maximum impact to your end-users.

We help you create Apps for:


Our collaborative consulting on Mobile Strategy serves as a catalyst in streamlining IT frameworks and processes with the mobile roadmap that is aligned with enterprise scenarios, policies and current systems.


Our collaborative consulting on Mobile Strategy serves as a catalyst in streamlining IT frameworks and processes with the mobile roadmap that is aligned with enterprise scenarios, policies and current systems.


We map business’s needs and use cases to mobility and enable them to quickly respond to the changes. We help your organization mobilize the inter-department communication, workflows and instant information availability.


We help brands, businesses and community organizations to build scalable app solutions that are aimed to be used every day by consumers on a global scale, multiple times in a day.

*Web Development

Custom Web Development

Count on our talented team with exceptional web development experience to establish your brand, automatize processes, collaboration or just about anything that you can think on web. We hand-hold you at every single step while we create custom web solution for you – be it during discovery, definition, design, development or deployment.

Custom Website Design
B2B Portal
Enterprise Web Application Development
Intranet Applications

Web Technologies We Work With

In-house specialists of contemporary technologies that encapsulates server-side and front-end stacks.

React Native
Aabaco Small Business
Node .JS
Angular .JS
Mongo DB

Content Management System

Content always had led the success of any digital solution. We enable you to let your users consume meaningful content in the form and the factor you choose. We create information centric and future-ready systems with features having greater ease-of-use.

Custom Built CMS

Mobile Backend & APIs

With our mobile first strategy, we empower you to build scalable backend systems alloyed with API-driven architecture, that fuels additional front-end applications, websites and apps on top of the similar conditions and share the same information. We leverage the capabilities of different frameworks that fits the business needs and specific scenarios to be able to create a single data source for handling multiple applications.

Mobile CMS
Social Integration
API / Webservices
App Engagement with Push
Authentication Services
Content Distribution


Whether it is a big retail shop, a reputed brand or a small brick-n-mortar store, we work closely with merchants of all scales to create a digital bridge between the products and the potential customers.

Custom E-Commerce Development
SaaS based E-commerce Set up
Mobile Commerce with Web apps / Native Apps


Our Design Philosophy

Just as the designs themselves, we love the process of creating them as well. The innovative ideas need greater innovation in the way their visual representation is created.
We tend to lean more on function over the form. We believe in simplicity and focus. We know the fine differentiator between the visually appealing versus the functional design. After all, great design doesn’t just look good. It works!


Ideas tend to be unorganized, at times surrounded by certain uncanny assumptions and may be at times dreamy. In order to materialize the concept of a viable solution, our team of analysts works closely with you to identify business needs, solution objective, and most importantly, what problem you’re solving. In the process, we derive critical acceptance criteria, constraints and attempt to eliminate the surprises to create a stable solution.

UI Design

Just as the designs themselves, we love the process of creating them as well. The innovative ideas need greater innovation in the way they’re created.


Our team of analysts and UI designers works with you to transform ideas into meaningful user stories. We iterate through a progressive process through various techniques to visualize a solution for both web and mobile to produce a skeleton of the digital product that helps you validate the concept before it is ready for development.


Mobile App

Creating high impact,result driven and user centered applications to elevate your business


Focused on solving complex problems on Web with clear and effective solutions.Custom Web Development, E-Commerce,Mobile Backend & APis,Content Managment System.


Our designers work directly with our clients to deliver compelling and functional designs invarious forms.

About Us

What We Do

Our seasoned Development Teams build applications that fulfill user needs and Client requirements in a timely fashion We believe that complex software should be built by small and cohesive teams of developers. True software craftsmen who are able to break down complex problems into manageable chunks of software. Teammates who work together for longer than just a project.

Agile Method

We believe in releasing early and often, and in getting the real-world feedback for your product. Our service agreements, task tracking software and meetings are structured to allow for flexibility, efficiency and aligning our interests with yours.

Our Approach

Your product deserves software team that will breathe your vision, love your product and be able to focus solely on reaching goals to succeed. That's why we prefer long-standing relationships, where we can fully add value to your software. We are transparent, we seek perfection and we adapt to the business needs. Being reliable and fully committed, we give our best to you, your users, and the product. We adapt to your needs, but most often we build applications from scratch covering the full development cycle and then maintenance. From time to time we are involved in the development back-end and front-end part, while UI/UX design is delivered to us.

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